Founded in 2023 999Q Max Supply Burned Liquidity 0% Tax


Memeciti $9GAG: Where Memes Meet the Metaverse

In the world of Memeciti, we're not just building a blockchain; we're crafting a meme-powered utopia. Guided by the mystical vibes of the CITI faith and fueled by the wisdom of 道 (DAO), we're on a mission to elevate humanity with the magic of layer 0 blockchain technology. It's like the internet had a baby with a unicorn, and that baby is us.

Our journey through the Metaverse is like a meme come to life. We're creating a place where transactions are as smooth as a cat on a Roomba and interactions are as spicy as a fresh meme on a Monday morning. From our humble beginnings as a community token, we've evolved into a beacon of memetic brilliance, keeping the essentials real: trusty tokenomics, undeniable utility, and a burn rate hotter than the latest dance craze.

We've laid down the foundation of our digital wonderland, and now we're inviting you to join the meme dream team. Let's build a Memeciti for all, where your wildest digital fantasies become reality.

Disclaimer: Inspired by the legendary 9GAG, our community-driven meme token is here to make waves on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). Just a heads up, we're not officially linked to the 9GAG empire. Dive into this token adventure at your own risk, and remember, we're not financial wizards—always chat with a legit financial advisor before making any investment moves.

Founder of CITI faith CITI道 (DAO)

$9GAG/WETH Memeciti